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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ty Tribble on MLM juices

"problem with these good juice products is if they are really good, they will show up in Costco and GNC "

I believe that Xango is hitting a wall now (in growth) mostly because the once unique mangosteen product is not so unique any longer. In fact, Costco has a more potent mangoteen product for less moneyWhat MLM Needs…Another Youth Juice

Then Ty says in 3/08
"Youth Juice is the latest super food scientifically engineered to provide an immune system boost. This brand new product is ripe for the taking. In my opinion, Monavie is out of the picture once the world hears about Youth Juice"

Internet Hype

Internet hype

Want to make 600 bucks a week and barely work an hour a day

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I made $6,400 today - not bragging... just letting you know.

New cash flow in hours from Aidan Burke
150,000 per yr.this year- Chris Jackson hype

A new way to earn- Chris Jackson/Aidan Burke hype

Scammers of the day 8-8-09

Scammers of the day 8/8/09

Hanchey/Global Verge and Lifewave-Bankruptcy 2003

Teresa Curtis/Global Verge and HBO Tax Academy and YTB... Bankruptcy 2005