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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Never have I seen so many pre-launches. The hype is in full bloom. Everyone claiming to have the latest greatest pathway to becoming a millionaire.

Each new MLM company has the product that will take it to the highest level. Water, super juices,
you name it. And all the major big hitters are falling over each other to jump to the next big one.
The names are endless.

Now there is even a brand new concept. Income that follows you to glory. Thats right folks. Some companies are incorporating the word "infinity" in their name. Imagine a downline for infinity.

I guess there will be MLM recruiting meeting in heaven. So companies are promoting the idea that you can get residual income "forever". I guess that fits the rather literal and fleshly idea of streets of gold in heaven.

Move over Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and all you word of faith preachers, the MLM industry is going to take over your corner of the glory world.
At last Advantage Conferences has been put to sleep, filing Chap. 7 bankruptcy. After destroying many lives with a combination of religious and MLM scam.

The health and wealth, aka word faith aka prosperity gospel cult is still alive and scamming millions of God's people. It is time the so called moderates in the evangelical movement stand up and take a stand.