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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MannaLife International Complaints - Scamming People with Lies

MannaLife International Complaints - Scamming People with Lies: "MannaLife International
Posted: 2010-08-10 by JKHIII

Scamming People with Lies
Complaint Rating: 75 % with 4 votes
Company information:
MannaLife International
Largo, Florida
United States
Phone: 877-562-2725

It says the Owner /CEO is Joesph Miller. This is a LIE . Dave McCabe is the Real Owner . Dave McCabe's Building, His Phones, His Warehouse, His everything. Dave McCabe screwed 13, 000 people in 3 MLM's so far . Start with LoCarb 5 in Largo Florida. Then Go Go for Life in Largo, Fl. Then BodyAlive International with TONY LITTLE of Home Shopping in Largo Florida.
Are you starting to see a Pattern here ?
I was there the entire time. Mr McCabe is not capable of ever Owning or Opperating an MLM ..He ruins every MLM he touches. Even Tony Little QUIT Dave McCabe.

Now he want you to join his New MLM MannaLife International as he HIDES Behind Joseph Miller. Joseph Miller CEO is no one you want to follow either. His ONLY Claim to fame is an MLM that The FEDS shut down called SeaSilver. Thousands lost on that SCAM TOO.

Then go look up URI LeBarron ...OUCH...More MLM Failure. Joe Miller worked for URI LEBARRON ... Interesting..
Go lookup URI International ..Failure. Then NURICHE owned by Uri Lebarron, Failure..Are you seeing this Picture Yet.

Now combine 3 Failed MLM by Dave McCabe & 2 Failed MLM's by URI Lebarron and Joseph Miller's failed SeaSliver.

You have a 6 TIMES LOSER in Management here !

Dave McCabe had Moldy Diet Cookies. Exploding Health, Go Go Drinks. Horrible Hoodia that didn't work . Burned Diet Coffee and so much more digrace ...The worst Packaging for 6 Years. A Compensation Plan that No one made any Money in..

There you have it.. Enough Facts to have you RUNNING for The HILLS in MannaLife International !

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