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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its truth folks-Bo and Ty join Shaklee. It this another pump and dump?

Using the familiar phrases "step into the future", "Hit the ground running" and "Bonuses for very little work" Bo Short tried to make lemonaide out of rotten lemons in a conference call to many of his "Pinancle Group" faithful

He announced that they had come to an agreement  with Shaklee to join this 55 yr. old MLM company.
Is this a "step" or a "climb out of the pit" into the future?  Based on past resume will this be a long term marriage with life time residual income or another pump and dump relationship.

Are his followers "hitting" the ground running or was the fall so bad that they may be walking on crutches?

"Bonuses for very little work". Come on Bo you know better than that.  To make any money and be the one out of 9,999 to make any meaningful money in MLM requires years of hard work.

Ty, do you have that nice Mercedes that Eiro got you or did you have to turn it in?

I will be following the fortunes of Ty and Bo with interest.  Shaklee has or had some very strict rules for their distributors.  I will be interesting to see if that will sit well with the Pinnacle Group


Jonathan Brand said...

Good old Bo leaves you with the Short end of the stick. Check out what the FTC says on my website, watch Bo teach con-artists his trade at

-Jonathan Brand

Jonathan Brand said...

The Shaklee Pyramid Scam appears to have purchased sites and made them come up under searches for "Shaklee Scam" These site promote shaklee when skeptics search for the dirt. Here is the real dirt in one place: Be informed and have a good day!


Alice Coker said...

Bo Short does not represent over a million very happy Shaklee sales leaders. Regret that you have such bad information. Number one Exxon, Shell Oil, Citibank, etc are pyramids. The clerk working to keep things moving will never make as much as the CEO, CFO, etc. I have been paid over a million dollars by Shaklee since 2000 and way over that since I started my business 25 years ago. My first bonus check was about 5 dollars. But I was getting such good results from the products that was not my concern. I am 80 years old and have many customers who are in that age group enjoying the same good health and stamina that i do. I love my life with Shaklee and I have many young people building toward their own independence. Shaklee has been around for many years and with or without you and Bo Short we will survive. I don't like his presentation either but he has to live by the rules or the P&R will get him. We have a great owner who does outstanding work helping others around the world and is well respected, focus on the good, the other will take care of itself. Alice Coker in Texas

Jonathan Brand said...

Pump and dump? Not this time. It would appear Bo Short has been forced out of Shaklee due to the recent allegations and SEC complaints. Here's what's new with Bo Short:

Thenutritioncoach said...

Jonathan and the old insurance guy need to get a life. There are a few companies who's values and standards are very high. Shaklee is one of them. You need to shut up. I saved my house with my Shaklee business after Wall Street and the banks almost took our entire financial system down. Network marketing companies are legal businesses. People are the ones who pull the trigger on guns. Find a cause that is worth while. The world don't need more negitive nut cases in it. Bo Short was a buzz saw who didn't fit with Shaklee. I'm glad he is gone. Shaklee legal should look at you and the old guy (that could use some nutrition) comments as slander.