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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple Warning

Simple Warning

With the increasing number of laws against spam around the globe, the trend has not been for spam to decrease, but rather for more and more spam to be criminally motivated. Therefore, do not respond to spam. Do not follow links in spam. Do not purchase anything advertised by spam. Do not pursue job offers that arrive via spam. Do not believe that your bank sent you that account closure warning. Don't act on that "hot stock tip" you didn't solicit. Do not attempt to collect lottery winnings from lotteries you didn't enter, and don't assist in the relocation of millions of dollars even if it's offered by a poor widow or orphan who wants you to use it for the Lord's work. Assume that the spammer is a crook who wants to fleece you six ways to Sunday. You'll be much, much safer that way.

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